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Mmoexp Madden 24 :Duke suggests using balanced

If you're finding it challenging to Madden 24 coins secure victories in Madden 24, the culprit might be the coaching adjustments you're using on offense and defense. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the best coaching adjustments that can elevate your game and help you secure those crucial wins.From offensive ball carrier adjustments to defensive match settings, we'll break down the key elements you need to focus on to dominate in Madden 24.

Offensive Coaching Adjustments

Pass Catching: Deep and Intermediate

Duke suggests keeping these settings on balance. Controlling your receiver's catch type manually during gameplay gives you more flexibility and control over your offensive strategy.


While some players advocate for aggressive blocking, Duke recommends keeping it on balanced. Aggressive blocking may result in more holding penalties without a significant boost in performance. Balanced blocking ensures a solid mix of protection without the added risk.

Ball Carrier

This adjustment is crucial for controlling your running back's fumbling tendencies. Duke advises playing on balance for most situations. However, he highlights when to switch to conservative or aggressive based on your offensive style. Conservative for quarterback-heavy rushing plays or when running down the clock, and aggressive for high-stakes situations like fourth down and goal.

Defensive Coaching Adjustments

Auto Flip

Auto Flip helps align your defensive play with the offensive formation automatically. Duke recommends keeping this setting on for the majority of your plays, making exceptions only for specific blitzes that work better in non-flipped formations.

Auto Alignment

Setting Auto Alignment to base is Duke's preference in most cases. This hides defensive coverage tendencies, making it harder for your opponent to predict your strategy. However, there are exceptions, such as when blitzing slot corners, where non-base alignments may be more effective.

Quarterback Matchups

Duke suggests using balanced matchups based on overall speed, height, and route running. While there are other options like selecting matchups based on individual attributes, balanced matchups offer a comprehensive approach.


Setting the option to conservative is crucial for defending mut 24 coins for sale against option plays. It prevents the quarterback from exploiting free run lanes, turning the play into a regular run and allowing you to defend more effectively.

Strip Ball and Tackling

Duke opts for balanced settings for strip ball and tackling. While aggressive settings might yield occasional fumbles, the increased risk of broken tackles and penalties makes balanced the safer choice.

Zone Drops and Zone Coverage Match

The biggest changes after the patch are seen in these settings. Duke prefers having Zone Coverage Match on most of the time, as many defensive plays have matching rules that players may not be aware of. Zone drops depend on your strategy, with Duke providing specific recommendations for Flats, Curl Flats, and Hooks based on your defensive needs.

Mastering Madden 24 requires a deep understanding of coaching adjustments on both offense and defense. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to Madden, incorporating these adjustments into your gameplay can make a significant difference. Experiment with these recommendations, and don't forget to share your successful coaching adjustments in the comments. Remember, success in Madden 24 is all about adapting your strategy and staying one step ahead of your opponent.


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