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New batches start at Hill Side

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Batch 2 ( for grade level 2 students) started on 15th October. Yashwini is a young graduate from Mumbai, taking regular classes for 11 students. Students are making good progress.

From the 1st of December, students also have access to a classroom / Resource Center. Equipped with a couple of workstations, high speed broadband, it will serve to provide an alternate to taking classes on their phones. We also have a bookshelf of fiction books here.

Batch 3 students are working on Pearson's MePro program. . Since most students in batch 3, are either high school graduates or nearing completion, We thought this would be the most effective way to hone their english skills. We are supplementing this program with office hours every week by Ishaan, founder of Hill Farm organics.

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