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Hill Farm

We create healing herbal remedies in the form of balms,oils, tinctures, Teas creams,vinegars and syrups. Herbs can offer effective and safe healing for the whole family, Whether you need to treat a wound, muscle strain, Anxiety or Insomnia, or just want to boost your immunity.

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Men’s Health

We can help create an herbal program attuned to your unique body type, lifestyle, and health needs. Featuring life-changing herbal alternatives for male-specific issues, and nearly thirty recipes for teas, tinctures, salves, and tonics, We focus on  prevention and health with sensitivity

Women’s Health                                              

Herbal Remedies for Women are designed to offer natural and effective therapies for an array of women’s issues. Affordable remedies for over a dozen conditions including


Ovarian Cysts



Candida and other infections.

Herbal Antivirals:

Are natural remedies for emerging antibiotic resistant viral infections. Medicinal plants address not only the virus itself but also the ecosystems that are our bodies.

Herbal Antibiotics

Natural Alternatives for treating drug resistant bacteria: bacterial infections are on the rise and pharmaceutical antibiotics are increasingly less effective to stop these deadly “ Super Bugs” as they are often called.. Plant medicines with their complex mix of multiple natural antibiotics, systemic and synergistic compounds are increasingly becoming a first line of defense.

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