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Giving back to the community

As our Corporate Social Responsibility, We pledge 5% of our total profit to fund programs that help our community.


Hill Side Academy

Problem we are solving


Children from Hindi medium schools are graduating with sub par English writing and speaking skills. Our program will run in conjunction with their current school, to teach English starting at nursery grade level and continue up to 7th grade level, when they will officially graduate from our school, as proficient and comfortable in English, as any English medium student.

Facilities and Services

Class rooms will be well ventilated and equipped with desks , chairs and a black board. There will be drinking water and separate wash rooms for boys and girls. We will setup a library with a few computer workstations, a printer, and a multimedia room. We can show movies (in English) on the large screen TV or Projector. There will also be High speed broadband internet connection on site.

Vision for school


Besides upgrading their English skills, the school will also provide child protection services and career counseling. We will also offer short practical courses on entrepreneurship, vocational courses and Agriculture related opportunities with the intent of empowering the local farmers and growing their incomes.

Community Outreach: Headliner
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