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The Village Bakery
at Hill farm

Cloud Bakery 


Our Bakery will make fresh Artisan Bread and Pastries and supply them to cafe's around Palampur, Bir and Dharamshala ( 30 Km radius). The bakery will be established at our factory in Nagri.

When we've established our product offerings we will venture into opening our own cafe. 


Blueberry Muffins

The Village Cafe by 
Hill farm Organics

The cafe will seat 20. We will serve freshly made Crepes, ice creams, waffles, coffee , tea and stone hearth pizza. A glass bakery display counter will have Breads and Delicatessens from the central kitchen. Ambience will be Modern, relaxed and comfortable.Will provide table service. The cafe will have a Wood stove for heating and ambience. Stone Flooring.


Kitchen equipment and accessories:


Paco jet ( ice cream maker), Waffle maker, Cappuccino machine, double burning stove, Small gas fired high temperature pizza oven with an artisanal pizza stone. 


100 lt. deep freezer (for storing PacoJet containers). 200 ltr refrigerator for milk, butter, fruits. Dish washer, 2 gas cylinders, Pots and pans, Crockery and cutlery storage.


Billing and cash counter: Ipad with a software program, label printer,card scanner




Tables and chairs, Lighting and fixtures, Artwork, a Selfie zone.

Menu & Discussion

Salad Bar – That could be a great option when we have enough walk-ins. For now, we will create packaged salads in take away containers prepared at the central kitchen. These containers should be very presentable and great quality.


Viennoiseries - Croissants, stuffed croissants, Danish pastries


Artisan Breads -  Baguettes, Farm house, Ciabatta, Focaccia


Gourmet Ice Creams -  Using PacoJet


Soups: Continental soups like Mushroom, Minestrone, Broccoli Cheddar and Chicken Noodle soups, French Onion


Sour Dough Crepes


Pizzas : Sourdough Crust Neapolitan pizza using San Marzano tomatoes and Fresh Organic Buffalo Mozzarella cheese in a classic high temperature oven.


Breakfast: HomeMade Granola with Greek Yogurt using fruits of the season. Will also package and sell the Granola.


Coffee: Selection of coffees hot and cold with complimentary cookies. Should offer a discounted subscription for coffee and Beverages like Panera Bread does.


Tea: Collection of Green and Black Teas.


Panera Bread is a restaurant chain in the US which has a cult following and very delicious and wholesome food.We can copy some of their menu.

Other Notes from discussion with Consultants:


Pastry display counters should be from a good manufacturer to circulate air and avoid drying out of contents on display.


Integrated software for billing, product inventory and also store management.

CCTv Cameras at café and kitchen streamed to watch remotely.


SELFIE ZONE!!  For Branding and free marketing. Should contain the entire café name/ logo. Should be an iconic design.


All Kitchen equipment and accessories should be good quality and all purchase orders will be approved by an experienced Chef.


Have a Farmers Market day  : Invite local organic farmers to bring in their produce and advertise the farmers market. 


Café Name and Branding should be in line with an Organic Farm concept.

Add Macaroons to the Menu

Cheese cakes

Needs some exotic fruits like blueberries, Raspberry, Black berry


Improving customer experience at the cafe by adding their Birthdays and anniversaries into the database and sending them a small invite or gift.


Oven Size will dictate trolley and tray sizes. 

The Main Kitchen area needs to be 1000 Sq. ft +. Will create workstations on wheels and move from Bagora Central Kitchen to the factory when that’s ready.
Next step is to start working on getting ingredients, Machinery/ Equipment in house. Find wholesale vendors for all raw materials. 

Need an RO water plant for Baking and cooking. 100 liter capacity to start with. Can add more and scale up when we need it. Get a quote for a 500 liter plant.

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